Belle the Blind Alpaca – Devon

Courtesy of Tara Wray Photography (Regrettably, I didn't have time to take a picture of Belle; however, this baby alpaca is just as charming!)

Whilst visiting friends in Devon, I spent a portion of my weekend on a remote farm, feeding alpacas.  I met Belle, a blind alpaca who is so sweet and passive, she wouldn’t even scare a baby.  She began losing her sight a few years ago and now has to be led to her food.  Sadly, this means that she can no longer watch the serene sunrise of Devon in the morning.  Out of the four alpacas in the field, only one stood to the side, munching on a different patch of grass.  Poor Belle…

If you’ve never seen any, you’re missing out!  Alpacas are beautiful creatures which are larger than sheep, but smaller than horses and cows.  These inspirational animals originate from South America where wild herds roam the picturesque Andes.

Although I wasn’t in Devon for long and unfortunately the weather was rather miserable, I could see that the writers of Devon such as Agatha Christie, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Charles Kingsley  must have had a wonderful childhood there.  The hilly landscape is beautiful and the tranquil atmosphere is certainly enough to awaken one’s inner creative spirit.

Below are some pictures, including one of a quintessential pub with a thatched-roof which I spotted, but found that it was closed.  Please excuse the bad quality – by the time I got my camera out, it was almost too dark and misty.  I’ve fiddled with the exposure so that you can see everything, but the quality is rather dismal.



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