Awesome Adverts from the UK

I just saw this advert on TV, featuring Stephan Fry, Rupert Grint, Julie Walters and Michelle Dockery, and now have an urge to visit the Giant’s Causeway after seeing Michelle elegantly poised on the rough basalt columns of rock.  I loved Julie’s reference to Wordsworth, too (I’m reading his poetry so it made me feel clever).  So very British.

It’s definitely up there, rivalling California.

Also, check out this ad. celebrating the best of British comedy – it has a song!

Adverts with songs in them are always the best.  Especially if it’s legendary, like the 118 advert.


Another one of my favourites is the Johnnie Walker ad. from a few years ago because I can’t imagine how many takes they must have done to film it perfectly.



21 thoughts on “Awesome Adverts from the UK

  1. Like x 1000! If I were in the UK this would definitely convince me to stay at home for holidays. Makes me wish I did live there!

    This reminds me of the “You Gotta be Here” ads they aired during the 2010 Olympics to promote British Columbia:

    Definitely convinced me, although I still haven’t been to BC. One of the television shows my mum watches (Republic of Doyle) takes place in Newfoundland, and they always air these gorgeous promotional ads during the commercial break:

    So now I’m torn: why to visit first? Actually, I’ll probably end up returning to the UK before I visit BC or Newfoundland :p

    • I see what you mean, the scenic landscapes in those two videos are breathtaking! Iceberg Alley reminds me a little bit of Scotland. You’re spoilt for choice! These tourism companies certainly know what they’re doing! They know that we are all susceptible to stunning cinematography of cliffs, rocks, hills or pretty rustic cottages. :P If you ever make your mind up, I look forward to reading about your trip to BC/Newfoundland/the UK! :D

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  3. Take Kim Kardashian, Jason Mraz, and all the surfers of California! I want the beauty of the UK!

    By the way, are UK advertisements typically as long as the Johnnie Walker one (which is brilliant!)?

    • Haha! It is beautiful, but so are the sets of Hollywood and the pier of Santa Monica :P It’s my favourite state which I’ve been to. :) No! I think that was the long, extended version and they only aired snippets. Imagine how long it must have taken to film it, though!! :O

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