Who Would Have Known?

Versatile Blogger AwardGreat news, everyone! I have been awarded my first blogger award; apparently, I’m versatile!

E A M Harris was kind enough to nominate me and I can’t thank her enough! You should all take a look at her blog if you’re interested in literature or poetry.

According to the rules, I have to nominate 15 blogs myself, who I’ve “recently discovered or follow regularly.”

The problem is that I have so many ‘favourites’! I love getting emails for everyone’s new posts… Anyway, here are a few who haven’t been nominated already by others, as far as I know:

Adventures in Borkdom – always plenty of interesting book-ish posts to read over there!

Austen Prose – fantabulous

Cinnamon & Apple – posts awesome, crafty things. Everyday.

Frances Cannot Write – Frances actually can

The Happiest Cow – that’s one happy cow!

Jane Austen Today – so much love for this blog (also writes Jane Austen’s World :O)

Je Ne Parle Pas Français – inspirational

Litlaffluv – for the lovers of Literature

Madame Guillotine – for history geeks or Marie Antoinette fans

Musings of an Anglophile – we watch similar TV programmes :D

A Room of One’s Own – because she loves Classics, too

The Tiny Sartorialist – this baby can already write a blog; he has big things ahead

Truth and Cake – her blog looks delicious

Twigs for Pigs – she makes me laugh

ZMCD Creates – a cute little blog which has just started up (for any tweens out there)

Congratulations! To everyone else who I haven’t mentioned, keep blogging! You’re all brilliant. I do not have an acceptance speech prepared which is as clever or creative as Emma Thompson’s was for Sense and Sensibility at the Golden Globes in 1996, when she pretended to be Miss Austen…


Here are seven [random] facts about myself which you may or may not know:

1. My favourite author is Jane Austen. You may already know that, but it’s important. Being a Janeite is a way of life. :P

2. I like cake, macaroons, cookies and all yummy desserts in general.

3. I prefer snow to sun.

4. I have a solid and loyal passion for Friends, the epic TV show.

5. I also watch programmes like: Sherlock, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Glee etc.

6. I’ve never watched an Audrey Hepburn movie (but these people have persuaded me that I need to.)

7. My favourite colour is rainbow. (Just kidding! That’s my favourite food! Got you again! Ok, I’ll stop now…) I sometimes make jokes… (“That was a joke?!”)

Please note, the award is completely optional and you do not have to accept. You can also get a little badge to stick on your site, if you choose to.

(Although I’ve seen one or two which are white and look like this:

Versatile Blogger Award

Sneaky… I like :P)

Thanks to E A M Harris, once again!



19 thoughts on “Who Would Have Known?

  1. Congratulations! Isn’t it wonderful to be versatile? I think you have a great sense of humor. I now want a macaroon. (And rainbow is my favorite color, too…)

  2. I LOVE that u love Friends!! How YOU doin???* congratulations!!!! I have to tell you something. My mom does not have a computer. She chooses not to move forward in time.. and I love her for it. So everyday she calls to hear my blog. 1 day as I was reading it to her…it popped up as you as liking my
    Blog. I screeched..* mom someone from the uk likes my blog!! *for us small town girls it was a big deal. thank you so much*)

    • Aw, Lisa! I’m glad that I made you happy (and probably damaged your mother’s hearing in the process) :P Thank YOU so much for this because you made me laugh out loud and someone in the room looked at me kinda funny :P Heehee… By the way, I love that you love Friends!! (“Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?”) Thanks so much! Your blog is Captial A for Awesome. :D

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