Please Vote For Me! &c.

Voting in Brisbane, 1937

No, I’m not running for American presidency! Or French presidency! Or presidency of any nation, actually (I’ll let you know, though).

Please vote for me at the Period Drama Advice Event if you enjoyed reading my letters of advice post, written in the voices of the characters Mr Tite Barnacle, Miss Marianne Dashwood, and Mr George Wickham. You can vote for me on the left-hand side bar of Elegance of Fashion’s home page! I would be extremely grateful if you enjoyed my stab at creative writing and would like to vote (for me and/or others!). I had so much fun entering the competition and the winner gets a badge for their blog! : )

In other news, I have a new ‘About the Somersaulter‘ page, for the stalker within you! I doubt anyone is particularly interested, but you never know!

I’d also like to quickly thank Mandy over at Bork Adventures for awarding me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you so, so much! I can’t thank you enough! Keep a look out for a post all about that coming up.

Have a lovely day.



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