What the Dickens?

Did you know that the phrase ‘What the dickens?’ doesn’t actually refer to Charles Dickens at all since it was used before he was even born? Shakespeare used the phrase in III, ii of Merry Wives of Windsor, but it was seen in writing in as early as the 1500s. According to The Guardian, some say that it derived from a Dickins or Dickson, a bowl maker who had a habit of losing money. What the dickens? Well, at least we can’t blame Charles…

I’ve decided to enter the Charles Dickens Reading Challenge hosted by Abby, from Newly Impassioned Soul.

Charles Dickens reading challenge

I know I am a bit late to join and it’s not exactly the beginning of the year; however, I hope to read three of his books to celebrate it being the bicentenary of his birth. I have already finished Great Expectations earlier this year in January, so I suppose that counts as one to cross off my list. I have also read Little Dorrit, A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist; however, none of those were read this year.

As part of the challenge, I would like to read:

1. Great Expectations

2. Bleak House

3. Our Mutual Friend

How exciting! Thanks to Abby for organising this challenge.

Which Dickensian books are you reading this year?


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