Lizzie Bennet’s Vlog

Watchable Wednesdays

True to its name, every Wednesday I hope to share with you videos which I have enjoyed and think you might, too.  We all need a bit of cheering up to last until the end of the week, don’t we?

So, Lizzie Bennet has a vlog. Thoughts?

Other episodes in the series can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Lizzie Bennet’s Vlog

      • Well, Bernie Su wrote a blog about their decision to take out Kitty and Mary and their reasons were good. Plus, they hinted that those two might be involved in other capacities–just not as Bennett sisters.

      • Ooh, I found the post that you were talking about, as well as the tumblr blogs of Lizzie, Jane and Lydia! A multimedia experience – what fun! I see what he means because having five sisters would have reduced the screen time for the actresses; however, whilst having five daughters might be very unusual in the 21st century, I don’t think that it is completely unfeasible. If anything, I think that this number is what drives Mrs Bennet to find husbands for all of her daughters. Although, it still works with three sisters in the vlogs. I look forward to Mary and Kitty’s appearances!

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