To Edinburgh with Love

What a fascinating mystery! The sculptures are beautiful.

Planet Edinburgh

Last summer a set of dazzling paper sculptures began popping up at strategic locations all over Edinburgh. The story took off on twitter and eventually on news sites around the world. As more and more of these incredible objects appeared an irresistible puzzle began to unfold.

What makes a good mystery story? Well first of all you need a great setting (Edinburgh would suffice). Then if you can cobble together a cast of compelling characters, throw in a few twists and maybe a murder or two you’re already half way there. What about a whodunit using Edinburgh’s literary establishment as the canvas? The culprit – a renegade artist – would leave clues scattered around the city, intricate sculptures handcrafted from Scottish novels and poems. That might just work: ‘The Strange Case of the Paper Sculptures’.

Oops. I’m afraid that’s already been done. Pity. But before we go any further there…

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The Book Doctor

Brian Dettmer, an artist living in Atlanta, GA, uses old books to carve out magnificent sculptures using surgical tools.

This is one of the most controversially beautiful things I have ever seen. Poor old books… :(

Thanks to Collidescopes Blog for pointing Dettmer out!  He has such talent.