About the Somersaulter

The Somersaulter is…

A reader, writer, learner, laugher, Janeite, Dickensian, Sherlockian, Downtonian, Merlinian, Gaskellite, Gleek, Potterhead, poetry lover, traveller, optimist, life lover, humourist, theatre-goer, film buff, bibliophile, logophile, Cadbury’s Creme Egg eater, occasional dessert maker (and regular eater), semi-French and Japanese speaker, reference to Friends joker, skier, photographer, flowers smeller… and now, a blogger!

Currently in the UK (Grey, colour, centre– British English speller).

Known as: Somersaulting Through Life, Somersaulting, STL, the Somersaulter.*

*For a slightly more villainous approach.

I’d love to chat, please do stop to comment and have a somersault (or at least a cartwheel?), or if it’s too important to wait until I’m on the ground, email me at somersaultingthroughlife{at}live{dot}co{dot}uk and I will try to reply whilst in mid-air.

Thanks for stopping by,



10 thoughts on “About the Somersaulter

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  2. This is a FANtastic About!!! *Somersaulter..for a slightly more villainous approach. Our humor matches dear somersaulter!!!♥

  3. http://dottyheadbanger.wordpress.com/dottys-pet-blogs/ Dear Somersaulter. I’m giving you an award. I’m quite perplexed…and not able to post the picture in this comment. Which is frustrating. But,..if you go to this page, you will see on the far right..a Three Dustbins award for being brilliant. Or something like that. It’s cool. Hilarious..and I wanted to award YOU…since you awarded ME…and made me feel happy and gleeful. As If I’d eaten chocolate. xoxo Lis

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